memory circuit
from Memory Interface Series
comissioned by Wrong Weather

“While readily evident in things like screens and surfaces, the interface is ultimately something beyond the screen. It has only a superficial relationship to the surfaces of digital devices, those skins that beg to be touched. Rather, the interface is a general technique of mediation evident at all levels; indeed it facilitates the way of thinking that tends to pitch things in terms of "levels" or "layers" in the first place. These levels, these many interfaces, are the subject of analysis not so much to explain what they are, but to show that the social field itself constitutes a grand interface, an interface between subject and world, between surface and source, and between critique and the objects of criticism. Hence the interface is above all an allegorical device that will help us gain some perspective on culture in the age of information.”

Alexander R. Galloway, The Interface Effect

We see written in the interfaces that we left behind ( monitors, printers, cellular phones) the memory of a culture, surrounded by a technosphere of excess and waste where the new surpasses and outdates the old.

The series Memory Interface starts with the gather of eletronic objects granted by LIPOR ( Porto's Inter-municipal Waste Management Service) for the creation of two installations.

Stripped from their plastic and metal shells, all that remains from the devices are printed circuit boards that allow the processing, transmission, and store of information functions to still be executed.