fojo do lobo

interactive installation for Art Natur Fest Residency.

Appropriation of Fojo dos Lobos* and it's space morphology by subverting it's meaning and function. An experience that deceives people into the pit, which lies at the end of two stone walls, 2 meters high and 60 meters long, in an area with a great slope and rough terrain.

In the pit lies a faint light. As the viewer advances toward it, several sensors hidden in the place, activate a series of mechanisms, lights and sound that invite him to make the journey towards the pit.

The goal is the creation of an immersive and interactive experience. For this an algorithm has been generated that translates the movement of people into sound and light, shaping a visual and sound landscape responsive to the viewer.

*Fojo dos Lobos - portuguese term that specifies a type of wolf trap once used across the north of Portugal.

Art Nature Fest
Fafião, Montalegre